Yesterday, February 8, Slovak MPs gathered in the Slovak Parliament for an extraordinary session, which was scheduled to approve the defence agreement with the USA.

Then, MPs from the far-right party The National Council of the Slovak Republic Andrej Medvecky and Peter Krupa blocked the rostrum and stretched the Slovak flag in front of the microphone.

Bitto Ciganikova and Miroslav Žiak of the Freedom and Solidarity Party stretched the flag of Ukraine in front of the rostrum.

After that, MP Medvecky took a bottle of water and started pouring water over the flag of Ukraine, and then over the MPs who were holding it. Therefore the head of the parliament made a forced break in the session.

The Slovak foreign minister, Ivan Korcok, commented on this incident in parliament. Korcok, who was in Ukraine on an official visit at the time, commented on the situation in parliament. According to him, the agreement with the USA is not only about Slovakia’s security, but also an attempt to prevent radicals supported by opposition parties from turning the country’s foreign policy direction.

“A few weeks of hysteria and intimidation of people over the defence treaty with the US have turned into an uprising of the opposition and radicals in parliament. In fact, it is difficult to cite the difference between the two. I am sorry and even more ashamed that this happened during my talks in Kyiv. We apologize diplomatically,” he said.