The Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) exposed Ukrainian citizens who, by order of the Russian special services, were to commit provocations against the population of the Russian Federation. The aggressor country could use such actions as another reason to justify further pressure on Ukraine.

Special services of the Russian Federation developed the plan of provocations and sabotages directed against own population. And intended to accuse Ukraine of this actions.

They recruited three residents of Kyiv region who are criminals.

They were given the task of forming two groups of five people each. The departure of the first group was scheduled for the next few days.

The curators assured the attackers that after the task is completed, they will be sent home. However, according to the Ukrainian special service`s data, the provocateurs were planned to be eliminated during the detention.

The Security Service of Ukraine prevented this scenario. The organizers and their instigator were detained simultaneously in Kyiv and the region.

According to the results of the authorized searches, firearms with ammunition and copies of foreign passports of persons who were to be sent to the Russian Federation to commit provocations were withdrawn.