The EU on Thursday (10 February) accused Russia of trying to divide EU members by sending letters to individual countries seeking clarification of their stance on Moscow’s security proposals.

EU’s chief diplomat Josep Borrell said he had responded to the letters sent by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov to European member states asking them to clarify their position on international security agreements and give a response to Russia’s security proposals.

While Western leaders in the past weeks were engaged in intensive talks with Moscow to try to avert what they see as the threat of Russia invading Ukraine following a massive build-up of Russian forces near their mutual border, Russia has denied plans to attack its neighbour while demanding security guarantees from the US and NATO.

Borrell said he had answered on behalf of the entire bloc to show unity.

“The EU has a common foreign and security policy and our aim is to act united on all issues of key common interest,” according to a statement on Thursday evening.

“This includes also coordinating replies to letters, as called for,” the statement said, saying his move had “unanimous” backing among the EU’s 27 members.