The Embassy of Ukraine in the United Kingdom has welcomed the decision by the UK Government to strengthen the sanctions regime against Russia.

The embassy announced this on Twitter.

“We welcome the UK Government’s decision to strengthen sanctions regime against Russia. Tougher diplomacy and united action are now essential to ensuring peace,” the tweet said.

The embassy is also looking forward to Ukraine’s other Western partners following the UK’s example.

“Tough economic sanctions is a civilized response to Russian saber-rattling on UA’s border. With a united and straightforward position, we will be able to send Putin a message strong enough to discourage him from making a catastrophic decision to invade Ukraine,” said Ukraine’s Ambassador to the UK Vadym Prystaiko.

On February 10, the British Parliament passed a law to toughen and expand the UK’s sanctions regime against Russia, which allows the government to impose new tough measures.

The UK can now impose sanctions on Russian businesses and individuals in a wide range of economic and strategically significant sectors, such as the chemical, defense, extractives.