“The army and volunteers were able to survive in 2014 when the “brother” brazenly stabbed in the back. At that time, many people were not psychologically ready to resist those with whom they sat at the same table yesterday. Now the situation is completely different. The Kremlin is well aware of this, and it is an important deterrent. Today we have the most powerful army in Ukraine for the last 15 years and the most powerful army in Europe, our army is headed by combat generals and officers. Ilovaisk, Debaltseve left scars on her heart but hardened her will. The heroic defense of Donetsk and Luhansk airports, the daily defense of dozens of settlements – from Stanitsa Luhanska to Shirokino – made the fighting spirit unbreakable. Anyone who has looked our soldiers in the eye at least once is convinced that there will be no repeat of 2014, that the aggressor will not take Kyiv, Odessa, Kharkiv, or any other city. Do not doubt – the Armed Forces are absolutely ready to fight back and will not give up Ukrainian lands! ” – stressed the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksiy Reznikov.

“No one can look into the heads of Kremlin leaders and say for sure what exactly the actions may be. But we calculate absolutely all development scenarios and are ready for them. Today, many statements are being made, and Moscow is even saying that Ukraine is planning to attack Russia. This is absurd. We are not going to attack anyone, but we are doing everything to strengthen the defense and eliminate the possibility of escalation. We plan to follow the political-diplomatic path. I will tell you more – it is through diplomacy and peace that both Donetsk and Luhansk regions and Crimea and Sevastopol will return home! It is through this path that we now have incredible political and military-technical assistance from our partners, and it is through this path that the Kremlin has lifted its brazen blockade of Azov. Based on this path, we will seek to unblock the waters of the Black Sea. The powerful army that we are building around the clock, the Territorial Defense Forces, are our important diplomatic arguments,” the Minister of Defense of Ukraine added.