On Monday, February 14, the Security Service of Ukraine published a statement on hybrid warfare in the information domain.

“Today, the domestic information domain is under unprecedented influence. Ukraine has faced attempts to systematize panic, spread fake information and distort the real state of affairs. All this in the complex – nothing more than another powerful wave of hybrid war,” – said in a statement.

It is noted that the Security Service of Ukraine within its competence, constantly analyzes various scenarios and has a “clear plan of action for each of them”.

“Together with the state leadership, representatives of the executive and legislative branches, and other law enforcement and security authorities, we are ready to respond to the situation not only when the need arises but in advance. And we are already doing it,” – the Ukrainian special services said.

“At the same time, we fully understand the motives of the current informational pressure – to sow alarm in Ukrainian society, to undermine faith in the state’s ability to protect its citizens, to shake our unity. The Security Service of Ukraine detects such manifestations of hybrid war in social networks, some media outlets, spreads of aggressor’s narratives by some politicians, etc. Not only detect but also actively opposes them. This is reflected in the decisions of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, the number of neutralized cyber-attacks, the elimination of numerous bot farms, exposing the intelligence networks of foreign intelligence services and preventing sabotage and terrorist attacks,” – the Security Service of Ukraine added.

It is noted that the Security Service of Ukraine officers work in all regions of the country in an intensified mode.