The vast majority of Ukrainians are ready for resistance, including armed resistance, and the number is growing. This is stated in a survey of the authoritative Kyiv International Institute of Sociology (polling chart – TEXTY.ORG.UA).

37.3% answered that they were ready to put up armed resistance, and 25% were ready to resist through actions of public disobedience (strikes, boycotts, rallies, etc.). We take into account that these are average data for both sexes together – they are very different, and the share of men ready for armed resistance is much higher.

It should be taken into account that these high figures are underestimated, as the sample includes elderly people who are obviously not capable of armed resistance.

Most interesting, even some voters from pro-Russian political groups consider that armed resistance should be done to Putin.

The share of Ukrainians who are ready to join the resistance to Russian interventionists increased against the figures in December 2021: from 33.3% to 37.3% increased readiness to put up armed resistance, and from 21.7% to 25% increased willingness to resist by participating in actions of civil resistance.