Latvia and Lithuania have once again declared their continued support for Ukraine and stressed that our country will not be left alone with Russian aggression. From February 14, blue and yellow flags began to hang out in these countries.

The Embassy of Ukraine in Latvia has published a photo of the Riga City Hall. On February 14, the Ukrainian flag and blue and yellow lights were installed there. According to the decision of mayor Statis, the building will glow with the colors of the Ukrainian flag until February 20.

Ukrainian flag erected on Riga City Hall / Photo by the Embassy of Ukraine in Latvia
The building is highlighted in blue and yellow / Photo by the Embassy of Ukraine in Latvia

Moreover, a prayer service for Ukrainian soldiers killed in Donbas will be held in Riga, a 30-meter flag of Ukraine will be unfurled in the central square, and also will be held the flash mob #StandWithUkraine.

Co-founder of the Free Russia Forum Ivan Tyutrin, who emigrated and lives in Vilnius, said that his neighbor had changed the Lithuanian flag to the Ukrainian flag at his home. Moreover – the man noted that this is not an isolated case in the city.

Many Lithuanians support Ukrainians by hanging out blue and yellow canvases. “Government agencies are not left out – recently a blue and yellow flag was hung on the Vilnius City Hall,” – Tyutrin added.

A blue and yellow flag is also flying at Vilnius City Hall / Photo by Ivan Tyutrin
In Lithuania, the local population hangs Ukrainian flags / Photo by Ivan Tyutrin

Due to the information of the Western media about the possible invasion of Russia, President Vladimir Zelensky declared February 16, 2022, the Day of Unity. The head of state noted that this holiday is aimed at strengthening the resilience of society in the face of growing hybrid threats, as well as information and propaganda and moral and psychological pressure on public consciousness.