A warehouse of the pharmaceutical company, Farmak, has burned down near Makariv, Kyiv Region, due to shelling by Russian invaders.

The relevant statement was made by Farmak Supervisory Board Member Petro Chernyshov on Facebook.

“Farmak’s warehouse is situated near Makariv, not far from Kyiv. As we understand, there was a tank battle within that area. Our warehouse burned down completely. The company suffered losses worth about UAH 1.5 billion,” Chernyshov wrote.

In his words, Farmak is working to fully resume production operations.

“It is difficult, as all the raw materials and primary packaging were in the warehouse, and Kyiv is remaining under shelling,” Chernyshov added.

A reminder that, according to Head of the National Police of Ukraine in Kyiv Region Andrii Niebytov, every second house in Makariv was damaged or destroyed with Russian artillery strikes.