Over the past day, March 24, Ukraine received a record amount of humanitarian aid – more than 10 thousand tons came from the U.S.

Thanks to the support of partner countries, especially the U.S., volunteers, and public organizations, Ukrainians receive thousands of tons of essentials every day. Defenders receive medicines, military goods, generators, diesel fuel, vehicles, etc.

During the full-scale invasion of the territory of Ukraine by the occupants, 138,000 tons of humanitarian aid and more than 3,000 vehicles have already been cleared.

The customs reminded that the government adopted several simplifications to make the procedure of customs clearance of humanitarian aid as fast and efficient as possible. Consequently, the aid, which is sent from abroad as soon as possible, reaches the military, internally displaced persons, and other citizens in need.

This is a great aid that helps Ukraine to resist the Russian invasion, but the war didn’t finish and bombardments of Ukraine continue so don’t stop helping.