The video, which has been widely spread on the Internet, highlights the “bullying” of Russian “POWs”, is in fact nothing more than a fake and staging. And here’s why:

At 00:02 after a shot at the serviceman (behind the scenes), he falls down to the left side and makes a roll. Then, he holds his hands on his right leg, although if he falls to the left side, then the shot must be made at the left leg. Then, lying down for a while on his own on the right side, without any reason and necessity, he turns to the left side, on which he keeps on laying further. Traces of blood from the injured leg are not visible.

At 00:02 at the time of the shot, it is clearly visible that the other man has his hands fixed behind his back. At 00:05 there is a shot from behind into his left leg. The man falls almost evenly on both legs on his buttocks and after directly throwing his legs flips to the left side. At the same time, he keeps his hands behind his back all the time.
At 00:8 the third man leaves the car. He immediately gets on both knees and then gets on his left knee and puts his body in front of him a bit as if he tries to make it easier to shoot.

At 00:23 it is clear that the second man has his hands still behind his back but they are not tied. You can see a stream of blood flowing from under the pelvic part, although the shot was made into the back of the thigh. Blood flows from the place where the unfixed hand is. The rapid flow of blood quickly stops, which may indicate a sharp spill of a limited amount of fluid (blood simulator).

It should be noted that among all the “POWs”, only the third one tries to mimic the cry of pain, while the first two fell silently.
With a detailed analysis of this video, its fake nature becomes clear. The purpose of this action is obvious – to discredit the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Russia didn’t find the Nazis in Ukraine and brought their own. Actors who played so talentless will surely be replaced, but these shameful attempts will probably continue.