Most members of the Federal Parliament of Canada supported the immediate abolition of the visa regime with Ukraine.

As an Ukrinform correspondent reports, the MPs voted in favor of the report tabled by the Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration, whose members previously supported the implementation of visa-free travel from Ukraine to Canada.

“We call on the Government of Canada to… implement visa-free travel from Ukraine to Canada, including by the rapid issuance of an electronic travel authorization (eTA),” reads the adopted report.

MPs also recommend that the Government should “increase staffing resources so that the existing backlog for all immigration streams is not further impacted by this humanitarian crisis.”

In addition, the document contains calls for the Government “to support Ukrainians and people residing in Ukraine who are impacted by this conflict.”

“We condemn the unwarranted and unprovoked attack on Ukraine, which was ordered by Russian President Vladimir Putin, a clear violation of international law,” reads the report.

The decision on the visa regime is within the competence of the government, but legislators can express political support and ask the executive power to consider a particular issue.

Canada currently has a simplified travel regime for Ukrainian citizens, but they need obtain a visa before traveling to this country.