The russians is holding mass events to move Ukrainian citizens from the occupied territories to russia. Defence Intelligence of Ukraine reports.

After passing the filtration camps, Ukrainians are sent to economically depressed areas of the russian federation. A number of northern regions are mentioned as the final destination, in particular – Sakhalin.

The Ukrainians are ‘offered’ official employment through employment centers. Those people, who agree, receive documents that ban them to leave russian regions for two years.

To date, information regarding the establishment of a russian filtration camp in Dokuchaievsk, Donetsk region has been confirmed. Civilians are being sent there en masse and their documents are being confiscated. Russia’s FSB officers ‘work’ with people. Their goal is to find Ukrainian military and law enforcement officers who took part in the Anti-Terrorist Operation / Joint Forces Operation. Then people are transported to russia, in particular to Tahanroh (Rostov region) and Krasnodar Territory.

There is indisputable evidence of inhuman treatment with Ukrainians, failure to provide medical care. There are problems with food supply.

This is to remind that forced displacement of civilians in the territory of the aggressor state, in particular children is a gross violation of the international law, including the international humanitarian law and is another evidence of russia’s behavior as a terrorist state.