Over the past day, 14 people were wounded in Russia’s shelling of Mykolayiv region.

“Fourteen people were wounded in Mykolayiv region over the past day. Fortunately, there were no children among the victims. All the wounded were taken to our healthcare facilities and received the necessary assistance,” Chair of the Mykolayiv Regional Council Hanna Zamazeyeva posted on Telegram, Vigilant reports.

Shelling of Mykolayiv region: 14 people wounded over past day

As of this morning, 311 people, wounded in Russia’s attacks on Mykolayiv region, stay in local hospitals.

On February 24, Russian president Putin started a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Russian invaders shell and destroy infrastructure, massively fire on residential areas of Ukrainian cities, towns, and villages using artillery, MLRS, ballistic missiles and aviation bombs.