The Security Service of Ukraine has intercepted communications of Russian forces testifying to criminal orders being issued by Russian commanders to their soldiers to open fire on civilians in Ukraine.

The SBU press service reported this on Facebook.

“F’cking kill them all!” If they’re civilians – f*cking finish them!” that’s a bit of what Russian commanders order their soldiers to do, the SBU stressed.

It is noted that Russian terrorists carry out these orders, while Russian politicians and propagandists claim all atrocities have been “staged” by Ukraine to compromise the Russian army.

“That’s no staging. These are crimes for which you will be held accountable!” said the Security Service.

At the same time, it is noted that the new communications intercepted by the SBU show that the invaders complain of their hardships when confronted by a motivated Ukrainian Army rather than unarmed civilians.

Out of sheer fear, they invent in phone calls unrealistic stories about Ukrainian troops outnumbering them massively – only to somehow explain their own helplessness.

Commanders order Russian soldiers to shoot civilians in Ukraine - intercept

“… Their grouping is 150,000-strong …! And if we have 3,000 soldiers that’s considered to be damn good… They are on the left, on the right, f*cking encircling us. What struck me most is that they outnumber us so massively…” one of the Russian soldiers said, speaking over the phone.

The press service stressed that the Armed Forces have been delivering a heroic rebuff to the Russian Horde as the entire nation stood up against the invaders.