The Ukrainian mission to the OSCE has drawn the attention of foreign delegations to the article published by the Russian state-owned ‘information agency’ RIA Novosti, which justifies the need to exterminate Ukrainians and is another “manifestation of Russia as a Nazi state”.

The relevant statement was made by Yevhenii Tsymbaliuk, the head of the Ukrainian mission to the OSCE, during a special meeting of the OSCE Permanent Council, dedicated to the atrocities and war crimes committed by Russian troops in Kyiv Region.

“On the same day that photographs of the Bucha crimes were released, the Russian state-owned information agency RIA Novosti published the article: “What Russia must do to Ukraine”. Considering the level of censorship in Russia, the green light for this article could not be a mistake. This is a manifestation and justification of Russia’s policy towards Ukrainians. In addition, this is a manifestation of Russia as a Nazi state, posing a threat to the European and global security,” Tsymbaliuk said.

The article outlines Putin’s plans for Ukraine, namely the need to eliminate the so-called “Bandera elite” and make Ukrainians atone for supporting them.

“It is an indulgence for the further extermination of Ukrainians, isn’t it? And they do not want to hide their intentions. Hence, you should entertain no illusions about their future plans for the Ukrainian people and our statehood. “De-Europeanization” and “de-Ukrainization”. They want to erase even the name of our state,” Tsymbaliuk stressed.

In his words, this “Rashism Manifesto” will serve as another piece of evidence for the future tribunal over the war criminals and propagandists of the Russian Federation.

“There should be no hesitation regarding our further actions to stop this evil. Because impunity breeds even more violence. That is why bringing all the perpetrators to justice must break the vicious circle,” Tsymbaliuk added.

Tsymbaliuk also appealed to the representatives of the Russian delegation not to spread in the OSCE all the nonsense and instructions they receive from Moscow. According  to Tsymbaliuk, it is their choice and their future responsibility: “before the future generations, before the future tribunals and before God, if they have any beliefs at all”.