General Staff: Russian troops focus efforts on offensive operation in eastern Ukraine

The occupiers are focusing major efforts on preparing for an offensive operation in eastern Ukraine to gain full control over Donetsk Region and Luhansk Region,” the report states.

In addition, the enemy continues to take active actions in the Slobozhanskyi, Donetsk, Southern Bug and Tavriiskyi directions.

In the Slobozhanskyi direction, Russian invaders continue to blockade the city of Kharkiv and launch artillery strikes.

In the Donetsk and Tavriiskyi directions, the enemy is launching artillery strikes on Popasna.

“The enemy’s objective is to inflict damage to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and resume an attack on Rubizhne, Nyzhnie and Novobakhmutivka. In addition, the aggressor was unsuccessfully attempting to break the defense lines near Novotoshkivske,” the General Staff noted.

General Staff: Russian troops focus efforts on offensive operation in eastern Ukraine

In the Southern Bug direction, Russian invaders are making efforts to defend the captured frontiers and replenish the combat capacity. Strict filtration measures are underway within the temporarily occupied territories of Kherson Region.

“Some of the withdrawn Russian units are located within tent camps in a number of regions of the Russian Federation, bordering with Ukraine. The servicemen are refusing to take part in further hostilities within the territory of Ukraine. The moral and psychological condition of personnel is low and intends to deteriorate,” the General Staff added.

In the meantime, Russian troops continue to use force against civilians within the temporarily occupied territories. In particular, Mariupol residents are forcibly taken to the temporarily occupied areas of Donetsk Region.