Head of the Mykolayiv Regional State Administration Vitaliy Kim has stated that practically no Russian occupiers are left in the region.

“Snihurivka and a few villages in the south … But because these monsters can do nothing, they fire on our city remotely from Smerch rocket launchers to sow panic among the people and cause greatest possible damage to civilians. At the same time, they disseminate fakes, saying that they advance, that they have 1,000 tanks, 700 rocket launchers, 5,000 personnel. But this is not true. They [Russians], on the contrary, redeploy, no longer abandon their equipment but take it out to repair. The dig in, sit in trenches, waiting in fear for us to attack them. They fight vilely, fire on civilians,” Kim told journalist Dmytro Gordon in an interview.

According to Kim, the building of the regional state administration has suffered the most serious destruction in Mykolayiv. Also, as a result of the Russian strikes, many hospitals and schools were destroyed, the occupiers hit one of the military barracks. In total, more than 2,000 buildings have been damaged or destroyed in Mykolayiv region, but the destruction is not as serious as in Mariupol or Bucha.

From one-third to half of Mykolayiv residents left the city, the head of the administration added.