Russian servicemen, who have seen the military might of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, are making “last will” calls to their families.

That’s according to the Security Service of Ukraine.

The SBU made public an intercepted call between a Russian soldier and his wife, where the serviceman voices his last will – that his son not be allowed to serve in the Russian army when he grows up.

“How is the little one behaving? – Well, he’s doing fine… He told his grandmother that he is 6 years old and he decides everything for himself. – Make sure he doesn’t go to the army. – How would I do that? – Make sure he doesn’t go to the army! When they start the draft, tell mom to ask Uncle Gena to figure it out.”

As noted by the intelligence agency, the Russian soldier tells his wife there are 10 men left from his unit, but the command doesn’t want to pull them out of Ukraine. He understands they will be simply “wiped out” and says: “We have two options: to return home either as KIAs or WIAs. That’s it…”