This year, the German federal government will allocate EUR 2 billion for  housing war refugees from Ukraine.

The agreement on the issue was reached after an hours-long meeting of the prime ministers of the central and state governments, Ukrinform reported.

“The federal government will support the federal states and local authorities in 2022 for a total of 2 billion euros of their additional costs for refugees from Ukraine,” as stated in the summary of the meeting, provided to the agency.

The amount includes EUR 500 million to support local authorities with living expenses for refugees from Ukraine; EUR 500 million for expenses already incurred to date; and EUR 1 billion as a contribution to cover other costs to the federal lands.

Refugees from Ukraine in need of assistance will receive financial support in the future in the same way as recognized asylum seekers in need of assistance. Aid will be provided starting June 1. “Like recognized asylum seekers, refugees from Ukraine in need should also receive benefits in the future. The prerequisite for this will be registration with the central registry of foreigners and the filing of a certificate issued based on registration or residence permit,” the document explains.

Provision is made, in particular, for medical care, as well as education opportunities for children.

Refugees from Ukraine are allowed to start working in Germany immediately if they have a residence permit. Permission from the Federal Employment Agency shall not be required. Since there are European requirements for recognition, the federal government is working with the European Commission to find swift solutions.