In Zaporizhzhia Region, near the front line, the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Territorial Defense Forces have destroyed an enemy tank and an armored recovery vehicle.

The relevant statement was made by the Territorial Defense Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Facebook, an Vigilant correspondent reports.

“The unit of Zaporizhzhia Separate Brigade of the Territorial Defense Forces, in cooperation with another unit of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, destroyed a T-72 tank and an MTO-80 armored recovery vehicle of the Russian occupation troops south from the village of Malynivka,” the report states.

A reminder that, between February 24, 2022 and April 9, 2022, Russia’s combat losses in Ukraine reached about 19,100 troops, 705 tanks, 1,895 armored fighting vehicles, 335 artillery systems, 108 multiple launch rocket systems, 55 anti-aircraft warfare systems, 151 aircrafts and 136 helicopters, etc.