A three-year-old boy, who earlier had evacuated with his mother from Kharkiv, was injured in a missile strike on Lviv on Monday.

“Eleven people were injured in the morning shelling. Three-year-old Artem was among them. He came with his mother from Kharkiv fleeing the war. But a Russian missile found them in Lviv. The child was provided with all necessary assistance. There is no threat to his life,” Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovyi posted on Telegram, Vigilant reports.

He added that three victims in critical condition were in intensive care. Lviv doctors are doing everything possible to save them.

“Seven people were killed. These are the first deaths of civilians in our city. The youngest victim is 30 years old. We mourn the dead, but we must be as vigilant as possible. The enemy begins to get mad. Strikes on civilian facilities may increase,” Sadovyi added.

As reported, four missile strikes were launched on Lviv on Monday morning: three – on military infrastructure facilities, one – on a service station.

Several missiles hit the area of Lviv railway station. No passengers or railway workers were injured.

The missile attacks killed seven people and injured 11 more, including a child.

Since the start of the full-scale war, Russian invaders have killed 205 children and injured more than 362 in Ukraine.