Lithuanian lawmakers have unanimously adopted a resolution declaring Russia “a terrorist state” and calling Moscow’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine “genocide against the Ukrainian people.”

In their May 10 resolution, the lawmakers also called for the creation of an international court to prosecute Russian officials responsible for the war in Ukraine, similar to the Nuremberg trials held by the Allies against representatives of the defeated Nazi Germany for plotting and carrying out invasions of other countries and other crimes in World War II.

“The Russian Federation, whose armed forces deliberately and systemically chose civilian targets to bombard, is the state that supports and carries out acts of terrorism,” the Lithuanian parliamentary resolution says.

The resolution compares Russian President Vladimir Putin with Soviet dictator Josef Stalin, calling modern Russia under Putin’s rule “a reincarnation” of the Soviet Union.

The resolution calls “on the United Nations, the European Parliament, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly, the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, foreign parliaments and governments to recognize and prosecute the genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by the Russian Federation.”

Last month, lawmakers in two other Baltic states, Estonia and Latvia, also adopted resolutions accusing Russia of genocide against the Ukrainian people.

The three Baltic states also last month banned the display of the symbols “Z” and “V,” which are used by supporters of Russia’s war in Ukraine.