Ukrainian MoD’s Main Intelligence Directorate has obtained documents proving that Russia’s 1st Tank Army has suffered massive losses in manpower and equipment during its operations in Ukraine.

That’s according to the agency’s Facebook page, Vigilant reports.

The research and analysis of the papers allowed to establish a list of units involved in the invasion of Ukraine, military ranks and names of invaders who were either, went missing, were captured or sustained wounds and injuries.

As of March 15, the total casualties of the 1st Tank Army amounted to 409. Ukrainian forces eliminated 61 and wounded 209 invaders.

“In the first two weeks of the war alone, 44 Russian tankmen went missing, 96 invaders from this army opted to save their lives and surrendered,” the  Main Intelligence Directorate added.

Within the same period, Ukrainian defenders destroyed and seized 308 units of military equipment from the said army.

As Vigilant reported, according to intelligence, about 2,500 so-called “Kadyrovites” – the military from the Chechen Republic of Russia – took part in the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine.