That’s according to an update delivered by Operational Command South as of the morning of May 16, Vigilant reports.

“In Kherson and Mykolayiv regions, the ruscists continue to fortify their positions on the occupied frontiers, conducting no active offensive operations,” the statement reads.

Meanwhile, it is reported that Ukrainian missile and artillery units, with support of Ukraine’s Air Force, launched more than 100 strikes on enemy positions over the past day.

At least 75 Russian soldiers were eliminated, the report reads, adding that 20 units of enemy equipment were destroyed, including four towed and two self-propelled howitzers Msta-S, four mortar complexes, two armored vehicles, four trucks, as well as two repair shops and a UAV.

Also, according to South Command, two naval enemy anchor mines, which had been set ashore in a recent storm in Odesa region, were neutralized in a safe location by the Navy bomb squad.

According to the Command, the enemy naval group in the northwestern part of the Black Sea consists of two cruise missile carriers and six large landing ships.

It is noted that the enemy continues lifting and rescue operations at the site of the destruction of the Serna-class landing craft off the coast of Snake Island, and tries to arrange positions and organize equipment supply to the island.