Russia’s attempts to disrupt arms supplies to Ukraine will not have a significant impact on the United States’ military assistance process.

National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said this at a press conference on Sunday, according to the White House’s press service.

Asked to comment on allegations by the Russian Defense Ministry that Russian troops had destroyed a large batch of Western weapons, Sullivan said he had nothing to validate it and hadn’t had the opportunity to consult with the Ukrainians on it.

According to him, a diverse and resilient supply chain for these weapons into Ukraine has been established.

“So even if there is a circumstance where the Russians are able to target and hit some shipment on the ground in Ukraine, that’s not going to fundamentally, from a strategic perspective, disrupt the military assistance we’re providing,” Sullivan said.

He recalled that President Joe Biden had been very straightforward that if the United States did do not work with likeminded allies to stand up to Russian aggression, it will pay a greater cost tomorrow.

According to Sullivan, Biden is convinced that the allocation of $ 40 billion to Ukraine by the United States is an “investment in the Ukrainian people’s fight to defend their country and in support of our allies who live under the shadow of Russian aggression.” These funds are “a worthy investment in terms of the long-term contribution […] to peace, security, and stability,” he added.

That will benefit American families and American workers, Sullivan said. According to him, “the American people understand that and, more than understand that, they very much support it.” “And we see that on a bipartisan basis with the overwhelming votes in both the House and the Senate for that funding,” Sullivan said.