The enemy fires cluster munitions, mortars on Derhachi community in Kharkiv region and uses tanks and helicopters in the combat zone.

“On the 87th day of the full-scale war, the occupiers continue to fire artillery on almost all settlements of Derhachi community. The enemy uses cluster munitions, and fires from tanks and mortars, launches missiles from helicopters on front-line settlements,” Head of Derhachi community Vyacheslav Zadorenko posted on Facebook, Vigilant reports.

Despite the shelling, utility services and energy companies continue to operate. The authorities provide humanitarian aid where it is possible. Food is delivered, in particular, to a health resort where some residents from the most affected villages were evacuated.

On May 13, Russian invaders destroyed a house of culture in Derhachi, where the humanitarian headquarters was located, with a missile strike. In the liberated villages of Dementiyivka, Pytomnyk, Ruska Lozova, and Prudianka, almost all civilian infrastructure is destroyed and the vast majority of residential buildings are destroyed or damaged.