The Czech Republic and Poland are sending additional weaponry to Ukraine as it struggles against a renewed Russian offensive in the eastern parts of the country, government officials and local media report.

Czech Defense Minister Jana Cernochova told public broadcaster CT on May 29 that Prague intends to soon send Kyiv armaments worth $26 million to $30 million.

“It’s crucial that the aid is steady,” she said, adding that the country has sent more than $150 million in military aid supplies since the start of Russia’s invasion on February 24.

Cernochova did not provide details on the type or extent of the military aid for security reasons but said heavy weaponry would be included.

Czech media have reported that T-72 tanks, BMP-1 infantry fighting vehicles, Dana howitzers, and potentially Soviet-made combat helicopters would be among the supplies provided.

Meanwhile, Poland is giving Ukraine 18 AHS Krab self-propelled howitzers, Polish public radio reported on May 29.

The AHS Krab has a maximum firing range of 40 kilometers.

Polish public radio also reported that Poland has trained some 100 Ukrainian artillerymen to operate the howitzers.

Many Western nations, led by the United States and Britain, have given military assistance to Kyiv as it battles the full-scale invasion by Russian forces, who have launched a new offensive in the eastern part of Ukraine.