Russia fears that Ukraine’s partners will provide the country with equivalent weapons to retaliate for the use of heavy weapons by the Russians and the killing of peaceful Ukrainians.

According to Vigilant, Mykhailo Podoliak, an adviser to the head of the Ukrainian President’s Office, wrote this on Telegram.

“All these subjects from Russia are disgusting. At all levels… They enter the territory of another country and destroy infrastructure on a large scale, massacre civilians and deliberately demolish all our cities completely. They describe this with a disgusting and false term ‘special military operation.’ They use in Ukraine all types of heavy artillery, heavy flamethrowers, multiple rocket launchers, heavy aircraft bombs and cruise missiles of various modifications with a range of over 1000 km,” Podoliak wrote.

He added that “creatures with Russian passports enter sovereign Ukraine and burn everything in a row with all kinds of non-nuclear weapons.”

“However, due to their innate cowardice, they are ready to use both tactical and chemical weapons. And they believe absolutely schizophrenically that they have the right to kill all civilians in a completely sovereign foreign state using (I emphasize – all) types of heavy weapons,” Podoliak said.

According to him, as soon as it emerged that Ukraine would receive MLRS with a normal firing range (over 100 km), the Russians “immediately fell into hysterical hysteria.”

“Wild scream is now over the whole of Russia’s swamp: ‘Just not this! Just don’t give them long-range rocket systems! Just not weapons for retaliation!’ … What does that mean? It means only one thing. Russia is able to fight only against unarmed civilians and immediately ‘pisses’ its pants if the opponent gets an equivalent weapon,” Podoliak said.