As a result of Russian aggression, not only Ukraine is suffering the blocking of sea trade routes by the Russian Federation, but also 68 foreign ships remain blocked in Ukrainian seaports.

This was reported by the Ukrainian Sea Ports Administration, TsTS reports.

A total of 19 ships arrived in Ukraine with the purpose of transporting food cargoes, but “stuck” in the country.

As for the situation with the ports that are located on the territory temporarily occupied by Russian troops, there are 8 blocked ships in Kherson, and 6 in Mariupol.

Earlier, a number of world politicians in the United States and Europe, as well as deputies of the European Parliament, made statements about the need for the international community to take measures to unblock Ukrainian ports.

Secretary of State Anthony Blinken accused Russia of using food as a weapon in the war with Ukraine. According to him, the Russian Federation is holding hostage deliveries not only to Ukraine, but also to many countries of the world. Blinken called on the aggressor country to end the blockade of Ukrainian ports, which made normal export routes impossible.

Member of the Turkish Grand National Assembly from the Democratic People’s Party Ridvan Turan said that the blockade of Ukrainian ports is unacceptable and should be lifted. Such a blockade by the Russian Federation has already led to rising prices and complicating the provision of food in Turkey, and will lead to a serious food crisis in various countries of the world.