Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Mayo believes that the “world bread war has already begun” because of the grain blockade in Ukraine, which does not allow many countries to obtain grain, and because of which there is a risk of new conflicts in Africa.
It is reported by Ukrinform with reference to The Business Tribune.

“The world bread war has already begun, and we have to stop it. We risk political instability in Africa, the spread of terrorist organizations, coups: this can be caused by the grain crisis that we are experiencing, “said Di Mayo.

He added that Russian President Vladimir Putin “should reach a peace agreement as soon as possible, which also includes a grain agreement, such as a ceasefire agreement, which will allow us to evacuate women, civilians and children who are under Russian bombs in the East of Ukraine.”

“30 million tons of grain have been blocked in Ukrainian ports by Russian warships,” Di Mayo said, stressing that “what we do is to work for Russia to unlock wheat exports through Ukrainian ports, because now we ourselves risk the outbreak of new wars in Africa.”

The Italian foreign Minister reminded of the June 8 first meeting with the Mediterranean countries on food security.

Italy proposed a few days ago to replace the ports of Ukraine and create “sea corridors” for the transportation of wheat. Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi called Putin to ask him to unlock grain exports from Ukraine, as well as from the Black Sea and Azov ports, such as Mariupol, seized by Russian troops. In response, Putin said that if the West lifts sanctions from Russia, his country will be able to export grain.