Pope Francis appealed on the occasion of 100 days since the beginning of large-scale aggression against Ukraine, calling for “real negotiations” on a ceasefire and stop the eerie destruction of cities and villages in eastern Ukraine.
This was said by Pope Francis in today’s speech on Sunday Pentecost, addressing pilgrims who gathered at noon in St. Peter’s Square in the Vatican.

“On the day of Pentecost the Lord’s dream for mankind came true: 50 days after the Passover, the nations that speak different tongues meet and understand one another. However, now, a hundred days after the beginning of armed aggression against Ukraine, the nightmare of war, which is a denial of God’s dream: the nations that fight, the nations that kill one another, the people that, instead of approaching, are forced to move away from their homes, “said the pontiff.

The head of the Catholic Church urged the leaders of the countries to sit at the table of negotiations: “Do not lead humanity to destruction. Let real negotiations, concrete ceasefire negotiations and an acceptable solution begin. Let the desperation of the suffering people be heard – we see it in the media every day – let the respect for human life remain, let the eerie destruction of cities and villages in the east of Ukraine stop. ” The pope also urged us not to stop praying and to “work tirelessly in behalf of peace.”