That’s the end of the first hundred days of a full-scale baseless aggression of Putin’s Russia against Ukraine.

Unfortunately, they are really “first,” because it is clear that the war will not end tomorrow. There are still many difficult days ahead, full of rage towards Russian abominations and Ukraine’s bill and suffering. But it is also finally clear that the enemy could not implement its predatory plans and victory in this terrible war will be for Ukraine. Her defenders, her people, her spirit!

Putin’s plans for a “lightning two three-day capture of Kyiv” and the whole Ukraine failed with a crack. There was no “easy walk” for the occupier. The Ukrainian nation was able to resist in the first days of aggression and find the strength to stop the enemy. Despite the numerical and qualitative advantage of the horde in modern armament, the violent resistance of the Ukrainians forced the Muscovites to stop first, and later – to retreat, leaving behind thousands of dead aggressors and hundreds of thousands of tons of scrap metal, to which the “newest” military equipment of the invader is being crushed by the defenders of Ukraine.

In a hundred days, the enemy suffered huge, unexpected losses for him, which completely demoralized the already weak spirit of the invader. 31 thousand Russian soldiers remained forever in the fields of Ukraine, turning into organic fertilizer. It is impossible to definitively determine the total number of enemy combat casualties with wounded and captured, but it has long outnumbered 100 thousand.

About 1.5 thousand tanks and 3.5 thousand armored vehicles were destroyed and captured. 210 aircraft and 175 helicopters will never fly into the sky again. 13 enemy ships moved into a “submarine state.” Including “pride” and the flagship of the Russian missile cruiser “Moscow.”

Hundreds of guns, thousands of units of auxiliary equipment… “Invincible and legendary” in all its modern history has not suffered such defeats.

Together with huge losses at the front, Russia suffered devastating losses for the invader country on the economic and foreign policy “fronts.” 47 powerful world countries have introduced against Putin’s Russia economic sanctions and constantly provide Ukraine with military and humanitarian assistance.

The United States has introduced a “land lease” mechanism for Ukraine. The democratic world, more than ever before since World War II, has rallied around our country, which is now at the forefront of the struggle of Light and Darkness, Good and Evil.

Politicians and high officials of some countries, unfortunately, have not yet fully understood the critical degree of threat to society, which carries all living on Earth Putin’s criminal power. Some of them fear an open military confrontation with Russia in case of providing Ukraine with heavy weapons or the introduction of “excessive,” in their opinion, sanctions against Putin’s Russia. Even after 100 days of criminal aggression of the invader, hiding behind “internal interests,” they try to sit “on two chairs,” on the one hand publicly supporting the need and importance of helping Ukraine, on the other – slowing down the processes of its provision as much as possible.

But, in the end, the world civil society, which, even in countries with such “uncertain” leadership, maximally supports Ukrainians in their struggle, will overcome such “quiet” resistance. And it’s natural.

After the atrocities and war crimes of the occupiers against the civilian population of Ukraine, after Bucha, Kherson and Mariupol, 8 countries have already recognized the actions of Russian criminals as an act of genocide against the Ukrainian nation. 42 countries have filed an international court and will sue Russia for its aggression. We are most convinced that the wines are completely on Russia, in Poland (87%), the Czech Republic (78%) and Lithuania (74%).

7 European cities renamed their streets and squares in honor of the defenders of Ukraine. 66 percent of Europeans support Ukraine in its desire to be an equal member of the EU. Hundreds of tons of humanitarian aid almost every day are sent by indifferent Europeans to those who now need it in the de-occupied territories of long-suffering Ukraine, turned by the enemy into aphids.

Fleeing the war, more than 14 million Ukrainians had to leave their homes in 100 days. About 7 million went abroad.

Most of them have found a temporary shelter in Europe, the population of which is trying to make it as easy as possible for internally displaced persons to live “in a foreign country” and provide everything necessary for the pain of a less comfortable existence. Being abroad, every Ukrainian became an ambassador of Good and Light for the world community, who saw World Evil and Darkness with his own eyes. Representative of the country, whose courage and heroism fully depends on the future of the world democratic society.

1340 killed civilians only in the liberated Kyiv region. Tens of thousands died in one Mariupol. The war ended the life of 261 little Ukrainian. Millions of dreams destroyed. Terrible figures for the first 100 days of hostile aggression. Thousands of courageous defenders of Ukraine who gave their lives for its future. 20 percent of Ukraine is temporarily occupied by the enemy. Putin’s aggression has already caused 600 billion dollars in losses to Ukraine. Destroyed by the enemy powerful enterprises and destroyed infrastructure. More than 3 million Ukrainian children were forced to interrupt their studies due to the fighting. Across the country, hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians do not have access to water and electricity. In total, 15.7 million residents of Ukraine need humanitarian assistance and the number of people in need is growing. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of losses and grief.

But, unlike Russia, which these 100 days of war as close as possible to total economic, political and social destruction, Ukraine was able to complete the process of the final combination of the Ukrainian Nation and its self-identification.

We are all Ukrainians. We have one enemy and one goal – victory! 92 percent of Ukrainians are sure of this. Each of us, in its place, makes every effort to accelerate our inevitable victory.

We have forgotten all the internal disputes and troubles. Total pain, total loss, total memory, overall accomplishments, overall struggle and overall victory. General future in free sovereign happy Ukraine.

For Russia, these 100 days are the beginning of the end. For Ukraine, it is, although difficult, bloody and tragic, but the formation of a new, confident, powerful and unified country!

Glory to Ukraine!