On Monday, June 6, South Korea and the United States launched eight ballistic missiles into the Sea of Japan in response to North Korea’s launch of missiles a day earlier.
According to Ukrinform, it is reported by Yonhap.

According to South Korea’s General Staff, ATACMS missiles were launched at 04.45 p.m. local time in eastern Gangwon Province.

Earlier on Sunday, North Korea launched eight short-range ballistic missiles from four different locations into the Sea of Japan following naval exercises by South Korea and the United States that took place last week involving an American aircraft carrier.

Earlier, officials from South Korea warned that Pyongyang’s military provocations would face a “proper” reaction from Seoul.

It is noted that shortly after the DPRK launched three ballistic missiles, including an intercontinental ballistic missile, on May 25, South Korea and the United States conducted the first joint missile launches in response since 2017.