The Ukrainian side would like the European Union to include a total embargo on Russian energy in the seventh package of sanctions.

“What would we like to see in the seventh package of sanctions? Of course, time will tell, but we are talking about a total embargo on Russian energy, ie pipeline oil, but this requires solving a number of technical issues … we are talking about gas,” Vsevolod Chentsov, Head of the Mission of Ukraine to the EU, said at an online briefing on Monday, a Vigilant correspondent reported.

He noted that the dependence of several EU member states on Russian gas is still very high, but it is possible to start with limiting the use of liquefied natural gas from Russia and work on alternative supplies to the EU. “Currently, very active work is underway to address this issue,” the diplomat said.

According to Chentsov, the Ukrainian side believes that the seventh package of sanctions should increase pressure on the financial sector of the Russian Federation, introduce additional measures to block the Russian fleet, ban not only certain Russian media outlets but also online propaganda and disinformation sites, introduce cyber sanctions, and continue pressuring the representatives of the Russian establishment and business.

“That is, there is still something to work on. And although some of these measures do not have an immediate effect, together they are gradually stifling the Russian economy,” said the Head of the Mission of Ukraine to the EU.

In late May, the European Union imposed the sixth package of sanctions against Russia, with the main element being the abandonment of Russian oil transported by sea.

According to the EU governing bodies, this step will allow the European Union to give up 90% of Russian oil by the end of 2022.