British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s position on Ukraine has cross-party support in the UK, and no changes for Ukraine in this regard are expected.

UK Ambassador to Ukraine Melinda Simmons said this in an interview with NV, Vigilant reports.

“Johnson’s approach with regard to Ukraine is absolutely clear and transparent and has cross-party support in the UK. Members of the Labor delegation that visited your country on the eve of the invasion made it clear that the political and military support that Ukraine is asking for is very important. Therefore, I wouldn’t expect any changes for Ukraine regarding this issue,” Simmons said.

She also said that according to opinion polls, the vast majority of British citizens believe that what Russia is doing in Ukraine is wrong. According to the ambassador, this affects how the parliament understands Ukraine.

“Any analyst you read in the UK speaks equally of Russia’s unprovoked and aggressive invasion of Ukraine and of Russia’s very clear violation of international law. Any violation undermines the international system that has bound us together and maintained peace for so long,” the diplomat said.