NATO countries allegedly unofficially agreed not to supply Ukraine with tanks.
About this in connection with the Spanish press, about Spain’s readiness to give Ukraine 40 old tanks Leopard-2 German production.

This report in one of the Spanish newspapers “caused great turmoil because for this supply it was necessary to obtain the permission of Berlin,” notes the publication. However, the Spaniards themselves gave back, noting that this plan is not yet agreed on a political level.

“Moreover, the German government warned the Spaniards in telephone conversations that such a step would be a retreat from the (completely unofficial) decision of all Western allies not to supply Kyiv with tanks,” the publication said.

Now, according to the publication, we are talking about the possibility of transferring ten tanks from Spain, and the decision regarding them is also in question. If it is adopted, not earlier than in a few months, since the tanks of the 1990s need technical training.

When it comes to supplying weapons, “there are no eternal principles,” Spiegel quotes Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s speech at the Bundestag Defense Committee. He noted that decisions on the supply of tanks to Ukraine will depend on consultations with partners.