Over the past day, the Ukrainian military executed 150 fire missions in the southern direction. A total of 49 aggressors, military equipment, electronic warfare station, and ammunition depot were eliminated.

“The enemy continues to fight on a designated line of defense. To prove its power, it uses the tactics of scattered but almost simultaneous missile strikes in combination with MLRS or artillery. Thus, in the morning [June 21], Mykolayiv and Ochakiv were attacked by cruise missiles at the same time, port infrastructure was damaged, trucks were destroyed, the premises of enterprises, and power lines were damaged. In parallel, Uragan MLRS was fired on residential neighborhoods of Mykolayiv. Prohibited cluster munitions were used. One of the munitions exploded right in the yard of a private house. There were two men. One died on the spot, the other was injured, doctors are fighting for his life,” the Operational Command “South” posted on Facebook, Vigilant reports.

In a few hours, MLRS was fired on Ochakiv, several people were wounded. Shortly afterwards, strategic aircraft launched four missiles at the port’s waters and berths. No casualties were reported.

The enemy helicopters struck the positions of the Ukrainian defenders in Mykolayiv region twice. No casualties were reported.

As noted, nor the Ukrainian side suffer losses, when an enemy fighter launched two guided missiles on a pair of Ukrainian aircraft. An assault aircraft and a fighter skillfully dodged the strike.

“The enemy attempts to reconnoiter our positions in Mykolayiv region were interrupted by the accurate work of the anti-aircraft missile unit. In total, 150 fire missions were executed by missile and artillery and other units over the day, and five strikes were launched on the enemy by aircraft,” the Operational Command “South” reports.

Confirmed losses of the enemy are: 49 people, two Msta-S self-propelled howitzers, five armored personnel vehicles and vehicles, a towing vehicle, an electronic warfare station, an ammunition depot.

In continuation of the operation to eliminate the enemy units on Zmiinyi Island, Pantsir-S1 system anti-aircraft missile system, a radar station, and vehicles were struck. The final results are being specified, the Ukrainian military said.

In the Black Sea, a group of enemy forces – five missile ships, three large landing ships, and a submarine – are ready to launch 44 cruise missiles. At the same time, stormy weather is not conducive to landing. Instead, sea turbulence increases the likelihood of being hit by sea mines.