Ukraine’s Special Operations Forces confirmed the destruction of 30 units of enemy equipment on Snake Island. Abandoned ammunition and vast ruins were discovered.

“The Special Operations Forces’ units completed the task of clearing Snake Island. The destruction of about 30 units of enemy equipment was confirmed, abandoned ammunition and vast ruins were discovered as a usual sign of ‘Russian world’,” the Operational Command “South” posted on Facebook, Vigilant reports.

As a symbol of Victory and revival from these ruins, the Ukrainian military installed the flag of Ukraine, which had been delivered to the island earlier, the Operational Command added.

As reported, at the beginning of July, the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine completed a military operation to cleanse Snake Island of equipment and weapons of Russian invaders who had fled to the temporarily occupied Crimea. The flag of Ukraine was delivered and installed on the island.

According to Forbes, the Russians lost almost 1 billion dollars in equipment and weapons on Snake Island and in surrounding waters. The largest loss of the occupying army was the flagship of the Black Sea Fleet – the Moskva missile cruiser – worth $750 million. It took part in the capture of Snake Island, was hit by missiles on April 13 and sank a day later.