Reports indicate increased Russian presence in Belarusian airspace as Belarus cedes control of one of its air bases to Russia.

Belarus’ authorities propose changing the laws on citizenship, adding a clause that would strip Belarusians that fled the country of their passports. The law would also ban people deemed a “threat to national security” from leaving the country.

A 20-year-old student becomes the youngest Belarusian to be convicted of “terrorism” by the local KGB for sharing an anti-war post. Belarus is also now forbidding foreign investors from selling their shares in Belarusian companies.

Meanwhile, Ukraine denies claims made by dictator Alexander Lukashenko that Belarus is helping move grain stuck in Ukraine due to Russia’s blockade of Kyiv’s Black Sea ports.

Belarus establishes additional no-fly zone, receives more rockets

Belarus established a no-fly zone from July 11 to 14, which reportedly encompasses Minsk and the southern half of the Minsk region, as well as parts of the Brest, Mahilow, and Homiel regions.

The establishment of a no-fly zone coincided with the arrival of several Russian military aircraft in Belarus, reports Belarusian monitoring group Belaruski Hayun.

A Russian Beriev A-50 and several other fighter aircraft reportedly entered Belarusian territory from Russia on July 10. According to the monitoring group, the Russian aircraft were likely identifying potential targets in Ukraine.

“We have observed that Russian cargo aircraft have been actively flying to Belarus over the past few days,” Anton Motolko, the founder of Belaruski Hayun, said in an interview with Ukraine’s Channel 24.

“Before April-May, 2022, it indicated that they (Russia) were bringing new rockets to launch… Unfortunately, I am afraid that there may be rocket launches over the next few days,” he said.

General Staff: Belarus cedes control of air base to Russia’s military

Zyabrovka Air Base, which is located in Belarus’ Homiel region bordering Ukraine, has been transferred to Russian control, Deputy Chief of Ukraine’s General Staff Oleksiy Gromov reported on July 7.

Gromov said that the air base has been equipped with Russian S-400 and Iskander missile systems and that preparations are underway for additional missile systems to be transferred from Russia.

Satellite imagery taken on June 20 by Rochan Consulting reportedly show several Russian missile systems stationed at the air base.

Belarus’ Defense Ministry has yet to respond to the allegations.