The US is ready to provide Ukraine with as many HIMARS installations as they can. Currently, the country wants to provide at least 25-30 installations and as many artillery and missiles as possible for these systems.

“It is not a fact that we have exactly 50 such installations in our arsenal. I think the goal now is to reach the number of 25-30 multiple rocket launchers. And it will be a combination of HIMARS and several MLRS systems from the UK and other [countries]. We will try to provide as much as we can. But 50 or 60 installations will be difficult to assemble and transfer,” Smith said.

It will be recalled that the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the USA, General Mark Milley, reported that Ukraine’s partners have so far committed to supply a total of more than 20 HIMARS missile systems. 12 of them are already in Ukraine.