Repression continues at universities in Belarus – as well as all over the country. Among them is MSLU, where rector Natallia Lapteva puts pressure on students and lecturers, expels and fires them for their civic position.

In spite of this Christine Honegger-Zolotukhin, Ambassador of Switzerland to Belarus, had a meeting with MSLU administration, where the cooperation, joint projects and possibilities were discussed. It is in our power to convey the real picture of what is going on and to show that such interaction encourages political repression against students and professors.

What this could accomplish:
➖ The embassy will stop cooperating with the repressive university administration, thereby not supporting violations of students’ and faculty’s rights.
➖ Instead, the government of the Swiss Confederation can help students and professors affected by Lapteva’s actions: with scholarship programs and internships.
➖ A public reaction would draw attention to the repression in the country’s universities.