At the end of June 2022, the Vienna police organized a seminar on Ukraine by Russian propagandists. The event became widely known when the Russians themselves boasted of their success in promoting pseudo-historical nonsense among Austrian police officers and even posted a video that proved it.

When a scandal erupted in the Austrian media, and representatives of the Austrian parliamentary corps sent appropriate official inquiries as to what it was and at whose expense it was held, the Russian organization removed its video, but it managed to archive it in time, and it is now available at the link.

The organizer of the event was the Coordinating Council of Russian Compatriot Organizations in Austria (CCREA), which had published some of the materials from the seminar on its Facebook page. Subsequently, however, the administrators of the page edited their own posts. However, in the history of editing, you can see what was written from the beginning.

In a video posted on the Facebook page, one could hear the theses used to justify the war against Ukraine. In addition to the Viennese Slavist Alois Voldan, invited directly by the police, at least three experts invited by the “Coordination Council of the Organization of Russian Compatriots” spoke at the seminar.

On August 3, the Vienna Police Headquarters published an explanation on its official Twitter account, defending the participation of Russian propagandists at the seminar. The police explained that for many years they have been conducting training seminars called “Security and Police” with the aim of, among other things, passing on basic knowledge about wars and the causes of migration. This knowledge is intended to make police officers better able to communicate with the people concerned. In the past, such events have been held for Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan.

One of the established co-organizers of the event is Dmitri Yerokhin, the head of the CSRF in Austria and organizer of the “Immortal Regiment” marches. He has already been the subject of publications about the clash with the Ukrainian community in Austria. The video shows him sitting at the speakers all the time and controlling the process.
Dmitry Yerokhin is close to Russian Ambassador Dmitry Lyubinsky in Austria, which means that the event in the Vienna police was held, at least with the tacit support of the embassy.

On January 17, Alexandra Soboleva, head of the Council of Russian Compatriots in Austria, posted a joint photo with Erokhin and Lyubchenko on her Facebook page.

By Erokhin, the CCREA in Vienna was headed by Irina Muchkina, who is also the editor of the Russian-language online edition of the New Viennese Journal. The archives page of the CCREA leadership in Vienna states that it is Muchkin who is the head of the CCREA, coordinates its work, and is responsible for relations with the embassy and Russian state and regional structures that work with compatriots. Muchkina is also listed as the owner of the “Mir” media group, which publishes the New Viennese magazine. Muchkina is also listed as the head of SRCS on the website of the World Coordination Council of Russian Compatriots Living Abroad.

Thus, the CCREA is part of a huge mechanism to promote Russian propaganda abroad. The World Coordination Council of Russian Compatriots (WCRC) is an executive body of the World Congress of Russian Compatriots, funded in part by the Fund to Support and Protect the Rights of Compatriots. In its turn the Fund is a project of the “Institute of Russian Abroad” partially financed by the budget of Russia and the “Russian World” Foundation.

In addition to other institutions, there is also the “Russian Center for Science and Culture” in Austria, which is headed by Dmitry Alexandrovich Sokolov, a former employee of the Russian Presidential Administration. In other words, the promotion of Russian propaganda in Vienna, a key European center for many international organizations (such as the OSCE and the IAEA), is handled by a whole army, well paid and branched out.

We were also able to identify one of the speakers who spoke about the historical aspects of the “non-existence of Ukraine.”
This is former Lugansk City Council deputy Elena Fedchenko (maiden name Shevchuk), born November 2, 1961, born in Kamensko-Shakhtinsky (Rostov Oblast), who graduated from the Kamensky Pedagogical College in 1981 and the History Department of the Southern Federal University in 1988, after which, probably after getting married, she moved to Lugansk.
Thus, Russian propagandist Elena Fedchenko, by showing fake photos to Austrian police officers, is leveling the terrible tragedy of Ukraine, which lost hundreds of children’s lives in Donbas, Mariupol, Vinnytsia, and Odesa. All of these deaths were caused by Russia, which Elena Fedchenko defends so stubbornly in front of Austrian police officers.

We can only hope that information about these cheap manipulations will reach the leadership of the Austrian police, who will never again cooperate with Russian propagandists, thereby supporting Russia’s war of aggression unleashed against all of Europe and against Austria as well.

For if the leaders of the Austrian police do not realize this, they will face the fate of the former Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which now only complains about how they are no longer loved and called a “Russian hvoyda”.