What happened. The Ukrainian Armed Forces successfully used the latest U.S. HARM anti-radar missiles on August 5-7, during these days, according to the General Staff, 14 Russian air defense installations (SAMs and radars) were destroyed – a record number
Details. “Previously, the AFU did not use anti-radar missiles, and Russian radars worked almost without interference. Therefore, the effect of surprise the AFU got absolute – I hope someday we will hear about the details of this operation, which had cost Russia hundreds of millions of dollars worth of equipment and losses of personnel,” Butusov writes.

According to him, anti-radar missiles are one of the most concealed types of weapons, because the characteristics of air defense destruction systems are one of the biggest secrets.

“The delivery of HARM missiles to Ukraine means that our allies trust us with their most advanced weapons virtually without restriction. This is the highest level of clearance,” the journalist stressed.

He said it is difficult to intercept the missile because it is small and has a speed of 2,200 km/h, which means the attack and search for the target is very fast. If the enemy turns off the radar, it won’t save him – the HARM remembers the coordinates of the radar emission, and still flies to the chosen target.

“Now our UAVs will be able to operate in areas where Russian SAMs used to work tightly and hunt down any quadcopter,” Butusov writes.

In his opinion, these missiles will become no less murderous than HIMARS and will significantly increase the effectiveness of the latter.