Last week, convicts in the Yaroslavl and Tula regions told that Yevgeny Prigozhin came to their colony with an offer to go to war in Ukraine in exchange for money and amnesty. We spoke with the prisoner, who agreed to this offer and is waiting to be sent.

“We will officially sign the contract in Rostov, there will be paper. It was not explained how the criminal record will be removed, everything will be spelled out in the contract along the way. Of course, they can cheat. It happens. Of course, I don’t trust them 100%, but I trust them 80%,” says the man.

According to him, the prisoners were warned that desertion, looting, drug and alcohol use in Wagner’s group would be punished by firing squad. Also, those who signed up for this organization were tested on a polygraph and asked what they would do if they were detained.