It is necessary to convince the United Nations to send its mission to the Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant, while the member states should determine who is ready to deploy forces to stabilize the situation and make Russia pull its military from the nuclear facility.

That’s according to James Bezan, Member of the Canadian House of Commons, who spoke with Guildhall, Ukrinform reports.

“I’m not surprised to again see them threatening to bomb the Zaporizhia nuclear plant, they did it in Chornobyl at the beginning of the war. They don’t care about the humanitarian disaster they are about to create by bombing nuclear facilities, they don’t care about the environmental impact. All he (Vladimir Putin – ed.) cares about is inflicting as much pain and misery as possible on people of Ukraine,” MP said.

Bezan added that the UN must be convinced to send a peacekeeping mission to the ZNPP to resolve the situation.

It should then be voted to determine which countries are “prepared to provide peacekeeping troops to secure that facility,” the lawmaker noted.

Earlier, reacting to the threat around the ZNPP, members of the British Parliament, French Senate, German Bundestag, as well as the parliaments of Finland and Estonia, advocated the introduction of a special UN security mission to the ZNPP.

The head of the Defense Committee of the French Senate, Guillaume Gontard, said that Russia is using the ZNPP as a weapon of war, and called for an immediate UN special security mission to be sent to the site to resolve the situation.