The devices were purchased for cryptocurrency – the amount is equivalent to 3.8 million UAH.
The “Return to the Living” Foundation purchased 57 drones from Autel Robotics for the needs of the AFU, as announced on its official page on Facebook.

According to the report of the Foundation, 3860657 UAH were spent on the drones. The Fund also noted that the devices purchased cryptocurrency.

Ukrainian scouts will receive 50 Autel EVO NANO UAVs, 6 Autel EVO2 DUAL 640 T with night optics, and one Autel EVO LITE. Also included are 6 kits with different parts for the drones.

In the nearest time drones will go to the front, “because in conditions of full-scale war every additional “bird” in the army means more occupants found and sent to hell, this is more accurate work of artillery, more burnt Russian weapons and equipment and, therefore, faster de-occupation of Ukrainian land”, – says the Foundation. ,” the Foundation said in a statement.

“Return Alive” notes that “each additional drone is a saving of reconnaissance, infantry, and special forces, and therefore the lives of Ukrainian fighters are saved.” The Foundation intends to continue purchasing the devices, as the Russian Armed Forces manage to shoot down some Ukrainian UAVs, in connection with which the Foundation seeks to make supplies to the front uninterrupted.