Employees of the Kursk nuclear power plant are forced to donate money for gifts for the russian army, the Important Stories reported, citing a plant employee who wished to remain anonymous.

The order to donate gifts to the nuclear power plant came on behalf of Igor Korpunkov, mayor of Kurchatov. According to a nuclear power plant employee, such things happen not only at their company: “A subordinate’s mother works at a school, the same thing happens there.”

In the order, Korpunkov points out that he counts on “personal support and the patriotic stance of the collective. In the application template, NPP employees are asked to “donate” money to the “Hour of Labor” campaign for the “Fund to Support Urban Initiatives”.

About 90% of the plant employees have already filled out these “donation forms” for 200-400 rubles, said a plant employee. So far, he himself refuses, for which he is persecuted by the chief.

The essence of the “Hour of Labor” campaign is to transfer an amount equal to payment for one hour of work to the Russian army. The money collected is promised to be spent “to purchase gifts for […] participants of the “special military operation” who are on the front line.