The Federation Council will pay 3.1 million rubles for insurance against accidents and illnesses of senators in 2022-2023, it follows from the data of the state procurement portal.
The Council of Federation held a procurement. The name of the winning company is not specified in the materials of the purchase, but the price of the contract proposed by the winner – 3.12 million rubles, while the initial (maximum) price of the contract the customer indicated more than 7.3 million rubles.
“Russian Federation senators are subject to insurance – 170 people. The list of insured persons may change during the term of the contract”, – says the documentation.
The list of accidents in the documentation of procurement appear, in particular, damage from explosions, burns, hypothermia, lightning, sunstroke, animal bites and insects, poisoning, as well as injuries and wounding during military operations or military maneuvers, civil, military coups, popular unrest.
The maximum indemnity for an insured event, if it occurs in Russia, will be just over 1.1 million rubles, if abroad (on a business trip, as specified) – 50 thousand euros.
The contract has not been concluded yet.