According to journalists, the “prime minister” and the speaker of the “State Duma” of Crimea fled together with his family and mistresses Rostov and are not going to return to the peninsula yet.
“Prime Minister” Sergei Aksenov and the speaker of the “State Duma” of the peninsula Vladimir Konstantinov left the occupied Crimea on the night of August 17. The escape took place after both of them received a call from their handler in Moscow and reported a threat to their lives. This was reported by “Channel 24” concerning sources in the Ukrainian intelligence.

According to journalists, to successfully leave the peninsula, the occupiers overnight blocked the Crimean bridge. At the moment, the Ukrainian intelligence agencies know the details of the escape and the location of the Crimean occupation authorities.

Where did Aksyonov and Konstantinov go?

Ukrainian intelligence officers told reporters that a handler from Moscow called Sergei Aksyonov and Vladimir Konstantinov and informed them that their lives were in danger. After that, the occupation leaders drove their children, wives and even mistresses in cars with guards in the direction of Russia.

According to media reports, Aksenov’s subordinates were destroying documents all night. The politicians’ families are in Rostov, where they settled in one of the hotels.